5 Key Things I learned in my 20’s

1. Use your 20’s to build a foundation for your 70’s. Create deep roots that will give you a foundation for when you are older. Finishing well means starting well.

2. Don’t worry about climbing the ladder. There’s no longer a ladder anyway. It’s more like one of those spiral staircases. And sometimes you are going across or down when you think you might be climbing. So don’t worry about it. Spend your 20’s learning and having life experiences. Travel, explore the world, take on projects that seem fun.

3. If your “career” path doesn’t make sense to anyone except for you, it’s okay. My 20’s: college at University of Oklahoma, wrangler on a guest ranch in Colorado, management consultant, business development officer, Magazine and media company, strategic business plan developer. WOW. That is all over the map. But God was orchestrating steps very clearly for what was next in my story. And continues to do so.

4. Be diligent and aggressive in developing your friendships and relationships. Create a core group of close friends who you want to do like with. This group may change a bit over the years, but it is imperative to find a circle of trust that you are committed to and they to you.

5. Figure out who you want to be, not what you want to do. Who you are is more important that what you do or where you live. Spiritually, financially, family, emotionally, relationally. Find two or three older, wise “sages” that you can learn from and count on as help.


Young Influencers List- September edition

Here you go, the September edition of the Young Influencers List. You can see the archives of past month’s editions here.

September Edition:

1. Shaun King– pastor of Courageous Church in Atlanta, and part of Hope Atlanta, an initiative dedicated to helping Atlanta flood victims.

2. Kimberly Anyadike– at 15, she is the youngest African-American female to fly across the continental US.

3. Tyler Stanton– funny guy, writer, sketch comedian, co-host of Catalyst West, and all around good guy.

4. Kelli Murray– talented designer working with Jedidiah.

5. Zach Williams– singer/songwriter/recording artist in New York City.

Tough Man Golf

So I am headed to the Tour Championship on Sunday. Gonna watch Tiger and Phil and Cink and Harrington hitting the long ball on East Lake. These guys are tough.

But there is another segment within the golfing world- the Wuss golfers. Wimps. Not going for the green. Hitting irons off of the tee box. Hitting from the ladies tees….. etc.

Thought this video from Kenny Mayne was a great explanation of how important it is for all of us who are golfers to not “be wimps” on the course…… 

Funny stuff from Kenny Mayne to finish off this week. 

Slow Down when things Speed Up

I’ve watched the great athletes over the years in times of great intensity go to their “zone” where everything seems to be in slow motion. In watching interviews and hearing them speak about these great moments, whether it’s a 9th inning home run, or 50 yard touchdown pass as time expires, or game winning goal in the last seconds of game 7 of the Stanley Cup, they talk about things slowing down in their mind. Even though there may be chaos and bedlam going on around them, they are, as Stuart Scott says, “cool as the other side of the pillow.” 

Same thing with Golfers- Tiger Woods always is more precise and takes much more time when the pressure is on, vs the natural tendency to want to speed everything up and get through it. 

So what do we do as leaders during times of great intensity, pressure, or the final hour? A couple of thoughts:

1. always over-communicate.

2. be methodical and calm, not intense and short.

3. list out the priorities so as to not be overwhelmed by the small things that seem to be incredibly urgent, but really aren’t.

4. Seek out quiet moments for prayer, reflection and thinking. During times of pressure, that is when we need those quiet moments the most.

5. resist the urge to let things slip or just settle for something average because of the pressure to get it done. Keep your standards and levels of excellence at their highest- don’t compromise.

Blogger Meetup at Catalyst

If you are planning to attend Catalyst, and you are a blogger, you’ll want to pay attention. Brad Ruggles is coordinating a bloggers meetup for Wednesday night, October 7th, at the event in Atlanta. Feel free to start floating the word around, although space will be limited to 100 people so spots will probably fill up fast.

For more information and to sign up go here

And as you blog or twitter prior to and at the event, make sure to use #CAT09. 

Give Hope Sunday coming in October


I’m a big fan of Hope International. An organization committed to helping provide microfinance loans to worthy entrepreneurs all over the world, helping lift them out of poverty. 


A great way for you to get involved is Give Hope Sunday. Give Hope Sunday is a FREE way for you and your church to explore the big impact small loans can make on a community- and ultimately on a life. But it’s more than static, bullet point info. It’s an opportunity to help communities help themselves. And a chance to forever change your view of charity. 


Give Hope Sunday will happen on October 18, a great day for the Church to connect with the poor. It’s one day out of the year in which your church can focus on tangible ways to help people living in poverty. By signing up for Give Hope Sunday, your church will receive all the tools needed to effectively platform and discuss the issue of microfinance and poverty. 


You’ll receive:

– Sermon notes to help you bring a Biblical perspective to the issue of poverty.

– Bulletin inserts that provide your congregation with a summary of what HOPE International does, information on poverty, and ways to get involved.

– A promotional video you can use to introduce the Give Hope Sunday initiative


all of this designed to both educate and move your congregation toward action….. giving HOPE. 


So get involved today. 



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