It’s a bit weird writing about yourself, so the best way to get the scoop on me is to check out my facebook page. But in a nutshell, I am a passionate follower of Christ, I work for a leadership development company in Atlanta, I have the privilege of directing a movement of young leaders called Catalyst, and appreciate the chance to continually connect with and collaborate alongside influencers from all over the world. I love Oklahoma football, and consider myself a strong candidate for the senior golf tour at some point. And yes, that is me at St. Andrews in Scotland, the birthplace of golf.


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  1. Hi Brad, trying to track you down so I can blog a bit of info on Catalyst. I think the fb link you have here is a dead end. I’ll try to get to you another way.

  2. Hey Brad

    ..looks like someone impailed you with that golf club! 😉

    Maybe it was some Brit who heard you guys on the Catalyst podcast talking about the bland food & boring TV! :-)))))

    …been enjoying a major catch up on old Catalyst podcasts, and your take on your vist to the UK was hilarious.

    ..really appreciate your work.

    Peace & blessings

    Johnny Laird

  3. Brad,
    I work with David Makela and Greg Salciccioli over at Ministry Coaching in Oregon. Thanks for all you guys do at Catalyst. We’re excited about joining you guys this year if the $ makes it possible.

  4. […] a comment » Brad Lomenick of Catalyst (described as “a leadership development company in Atlanta“) complies a monthly list of young influencers. Having heard John Maxwell define […]

  5. […] Lomenick of Catalyst (described as “a leadership development company in Atlanta“) complies a monthly list of young influencers. Having heard John Maxwell define “leadership is […]

  6. Hi Brad,

    I hope you’re doing well today. I work for the leading custom web design company for churches, ministries and nonprofits. I’ve reviewed your website and was wondering if you had any ad space available on your blog. We’d be interested to hear more about any sponsorship opportunities, as well as traffic to your blog.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon!

  7. Hey Brad,

    I’ll be in Atlanta Monday/Tuesday this week (April 27/28). Any chance we could get a time for coffee? Need to get caught up – lot’s of post-Lost Valley to explore…

  8. Hey Brad,

    I attended my first Catalyst Event in Dallas a few months ago,
    and I had a question to ask but I couldn’t find an email for you,
    do you think you can send me an email so I can send you my


  9. Hey –
    Great to catch up with you all last weekend!! I meant to get your opinion on something: Give me 2-3 of your top choices for books on/about leadership geared toward a young (18-25) audience (other than Jmax material).

    I have not seen your recommended reading list lately.

    Look forward to seeing everyone in October!!


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