Give Hope Sunday coming in October


I’m a big fan of Hope International. An organization committed to helping provide microfinance loans to worthy entrepreneurs all over the world, helping lift them out of poverty. 


A great way for you to get involved is Give Hope Sunday. Give Hope Sunday is a FREE way for you and your church to explore the big impact small loans can make on a community- and ultimately on a life. But it’s more than static, bullet point info. It’s an opportunity to help communities help themselves. And a chance to forever change your view of charity. 


Give Hope Sunday will happen on October 18, a great day for the Church to connect with the poor. It’s one day out of the year in which your church can focus on tangible ways to help people living in poverty. By signing up for Give Hope Sunday, your church will receive all the tools needed to effectively platform and discuss the issue of microfinance and poverty. 


You’ll receive:

– Sermon notes to help you bring a Biblical perspective to the issue of poverty.

– Bulletin inserts that provide your congregation with a summary of what HOPE International does, information on poverty, and ways to get involved.

– A promotional video you can use to introduce the Give Hope Sunday initiative


all of this designed to both educate and move your congregation toward action….. giving HOPE. 


So get involved today. 




2 Responses

  1. very cool…love hope international…they are amazing! i saw their work first hand in the DR and was so impressed!

  2. I saw the tweet about the interview with Gladwell. It got me wondering what you thought the keys to doing a good interview are. You do a bunch so I figured you’d have some pretty helpful advice. It would be a cool post….

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