What is your song right now?

We’ve always got one song that we seem to hit replay on over and over again.

Right now, for me it is With Everything, by Hillsong. Amazing song.


9 Responses

  1. Oh You Bring by Hillsong on A_CROSS // The_EARTH

    and Everything Falls by Fee on Hope is Rising

  2. Hillsong-Solution
    Lead Me to the Cross-Chris and Conrad

  3. When I Speak Your Name by Kari Jobe / Klaus

  4. Hillsong – Faith+Hope+Love – Its Your Love!

  5. “I’m Not Who I Was” and “He’s Not Finished With Me Yet” by Brandon Heath. Such honest songs.

  6. With everything by hillsong, I have had the same instance where I have been playing it over and over

  7. How Great is Your Faithfullness off of Matt Redman’s new album… It’s off the charts

  8. LOVE Matt Redman’s new album!!! That song is awesome!!!

  9. Always Forever by Phil Wickham

    PS. I’m bringing a group of 17 to Catalyst and we are pumped!!!

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