Hangin with Brian Houston and Hillsong United

Great time in Miami over the weekend with Brian Houston and Hillsong United

Spent Thursday evening and most of the day on Friday with Brian Houston and 35 senior pastors from churches around the country. Amazing time of connection and learning. 

Then Friday night with the Hillsong United team and all day Saturday (and late Saturday night!!). Love hanging with these great friends. Joel, Brooke, Luke, Jason, JD, Jad, Scott, Matt, Brad, Sanga, Phil, and several others. Each time I am around the entire team I am more thankful and grateful for their unbelievable global ministry. Impacting millions around the world. Great conversations, and amazing times of worship! 

More in the next several days regarding the November 4th release of the feature documentary film “We’re All in this Together” from Hillsong. Will be in 500 theaters around the US. You’ll definitely want to attend. 


Young Influencers List- August edition

Here you go, the August edition of the Young Influencers List. You can see all the past editions here

1. Joel Houston– creative director and producer for Hillsong and worship leader for Hillsong United. Force behind the upcoming “We’re All in This Together” film which will release in US Theaters in November. 

2. Josh Shippspeaker, author and emcee. Impacting teens in a major way. FOX has called him the Dr. Phil for teenagers. 

3. Naomi Zacharias– founder of Wellspring International, an organization helping women and children in need around the world. 

3. Zach Hunter– teenage abolitionist, activist, and author. Started the movement Loose Change to Loosen Chains. 

4. Blair Wingo- model, actress, and spoken word artist. Known best for this spoken word version.

Today is last chance to save on Catalyst tickets

Today (Thursday, August 27th) is the last day to save big on Catalyst Conference tickets. The early bird deadline day as we call it around here…. wonder what famous animals or celebrities will show up at the Catalyst offices today???

So, make sure to register today for Catalyst. It’s going to be an amazing leadership experience. I know I am biased… but look at the speaker lineup. Seriously!

All your friends will be there. And I will be there. And Andy will be there. And Lanny will be there. 

Speaking of Lanny….. as we prepare for October, Lanny thought it would be wise to help all of us better understand the real meaning of our theme “On Your Mark.” In his own style and in his own words……

Books I am currently reading

The Hole in our Gospel by Richard Stearns. Let me just say that the first chapter made me cry like a baby. Needless to say, the book is good.

Think Orange by Reggie Joiner. If you are a church leader, you need to read this book. Period. 

The Principle of the Path by Andy Stanley. Required if you are currently breathing. 

How the Mighty Fall by Jim Collins. Reading this book for a second time. 

Too Small to Ignore by Wess Stafford. President of Compassion International.

One of the Keys to Creativity

So, one of my keys to creativity is pretty simple:

Find others who are more creative than me and figure out a way to make them a part of my team.

Evidenced by the last couple of days. This morning was Carlos and Jeff in the office thinking through experiential elements, opening session, transitions, Red Carpet, and theme for West Coast. 

This afternoon was Jonathan meeting about bumpers, title treatments, opening video, staging, and creative technical production ideas. 

Also this afternoon was Jason thinking through West Coast theme, design, website, brochure, and branding. 

Monday afternoon was Brian in the office going over program, minute by minute, and creative direction. 

Tomorrow is Lanny and Reggie and Ken going over program and transitions and fun stuff. 

Earlier this week was Tripp working on a great video series for the event. Tyler writing great copy and adding creative energy as well.

All of these talented folks are part of our team, but none of them are “full-time.” Would love to hire them full-time, but probably not going to happen. The great thing is, I can tap into their creative energy and talent as is. 

The key is simple- find others around you who are talented, and get them involved in what you are doing. Your creativity and talent ratio will increase exponentially.

Leadership from Little Leaguers

I love watching the Little League World Series. What a great picture of what sports is all about. A few leadership lessons and observations I’ve noticed from the Little Leaguers:

1. It’s not just about the destination, but also the journey in getting there. These 12 and 13 year olds have fun in every game, regardless of where and when.

2. It’s about the team, and not individual players. No one player is bigger or more important than the team.

3. There is complete trust in the coach as the leader of the team. Seems like this should be a no-brainer, but not the case anymore, whether a CEO, head coach, or project manager. 

4. Every player still wants to learn- there is a hunger to constantly get better.

5. Sportsmanship is not just a requirement, it is an identity. These kids are competitive, but understand the legacy and responsibility of being good sportsmen. Now if we can just keep the parents in line in the stands!

Creative programming

So you wanna program events, huh? My world right now. And this is just one small event in Atlanta in seven weeks…….