Shane Hipps at Q

Shane Hipps spoke last night to wrap up day one at Q and did a brilliant job. Talking on the “distraction of technology” and how it pulls us from being “present in the moment.” So true. I find myself constantly checking twitter, email, facebook, safari, wordpress, and whatever else I have on my phone the minute I find myself bored or have at least a small window of margin in my time during the day. Is this healthy? Not sure. Does it help in creating true community? Again, not sure. Really wrestling with this. In many ways, we’ve become addicted and controlled by our phones, computers, and clocks. Shane argued last night that this is not healthy, nor is it Biblical. 

Really excited about Shane speaking at Catalyst in October in Atlanta. Get ready to be challenged!


Q conference great talk

Tyler Wigg Stevenson is talking about nuclear disarmament at Q. Great talk. Check out his work at Two Futures Project online.

At Q Conference today

In Austin today for Q. Lots of friends here and great conversations. You can follow the blog and updates at the Q website at I’ll have some updates later today and some more pictures. Right now discussing the future of community in the suburbs.

Interview with Eric Bryant is now online

I did an interview last week with Eric Bryant from Mosaic. You can listen to that interview here. Eric asked questions about what it’s like to lead Catalyst, how we take risks, and being mentioned on the back of Seth’s book Tribes.

A few more shots from catalyst west coast

A major blog post is coming tomorrow to summarize catalyst west coast, but for now wanted to post a few more pics from this week.

Catalyst West

Today was an amazing day. Hillsong United, Brian Houston, Andy Stanley, Fee Band, Ravi Zacharias, Jud Wilhite, Guy Kawasaki, Catherine Rohr, Nick Voijic. Unbelievable! Incredible amount of energy among the leaders who are gathered here in Orange County- all 3,300 in attendance. This is the start of something big for leaders on the West Coast. More on that later. 

For now, just a quick funny moment – we asked the entire room to give us a shot for Tripp’s blog– everyone doing something together. Here is what we got:

The crowd turns on Tripp!

Thumbs down!

More updates and reflections to come. So many amazing leaders and strategic conversations and connections being made. Gotta get to bed for another great day tomorrow!

Shots from today

A few shots from today.