Catalyst One Day in Atlanta

Been away from the blog for several days. Earlier this week, we had 2,000 leaders assembled at North Point for Catalyst One Day Atlanta. You can see some of the tweets and blog posts at Catalyst Backstage. Will have some pics posted in a couple of days. 

Craig Groeschel and Andy Stanley were phenomenal. Steve Fee, Eddie Kirkland and Todd Fields led worship, along with Pat Malone, Reid Greven, and Ashley Appling as part of the band. David McDaniel joined Andy for an interview regarding North Point’s strategy in regards to campus extension and expansion. Overall, a great day. And then on Thursday evening we hosted Off the Blogs in Buckhead. Very unique and authentic gathering. More on it later. 

Looking forward to the next Catalyst One Day in Dallas on May 18. And the first ever Catalyst West Coast event on April 22-24 in LA.


Create an Experience

It’s been a while since I last read Joe Pine and Jim Gilmore’s book The Experience Economy. If you haven’t read this book, trust me. Go buy it and start reading it right now. If you have a product or service that you offer (we all do, whether in business, church, or the non profit arena), it is imperative that you grasp the context of the Experience Economy.

I am reminded of it because in a conversation yesterday someone asked me how I would recommend they keep their product from becoming a commodity. From just being lumped in with all the other similar products in their space, and being seen as just an option instead of the only option. Where price determines what the consumer chooses vs. other factors like emotion, connection, and memories

In the book, Pine and Gilmore lay out the four levels of economic value : commodities, goods, services, and experiences. Progression happens by moving from commodity to experience. Think about coffee. Coffee beans are a commodity, ground coffee is a good, a cup of coffee at dinner is a service, and a latte at a trendy cafe is an experience. 

Or about birthday parties for kids- a cake is a commodity, a customized cake is a good, a birthday party with friends is a service, and a full fledged laser tag birthday celebration is an experience. Think about Apple stores. Disney World. You get the point. 

The question is how are you creating an experience with the product or service that you offer? How are you allowing your customer to be so engaged with your product that they connect emotionally? Does your product or service creates memories for your customer? Do they want to tell their friends?

There is also a fifth level of economic value, which is transformation. Incredibly hard to reach this level, but our goal should be to get there.

Innovation Experts

I am sure many of you have seen the most recent issue of Fast Company that highlights what they consider to be the 5o most innovative companies

At #1, team Obama, particularly as it relates to the campaign and utilizing innovative ways to get the word out, the vote on, and the election won. Pretty impressive list. It’s worth a look through the entire list of companies

Interestingly, only 3 out of the 50 were from states in the southeast part of the US. The deep South. What is going on down here? Have we lost our groove?

20 National Bloggers United for One Free Book

A brand new project. An e-book that is free. Leadership Learnings from Bloggers. The best leadership blog posts of 2008 from 20 national leaders/bloggers, such as Craig Groeschel, Perry Noble, Tony Morgan, Ed Stetzer, Seth Godin, Dave Ferguson, Mike Hyatt, Mark Batterson, Alan Hirsch, Tim Stevens, and many others. Including several posts from yours truly as well. 

You can access the e-book here. Check it out. Download it. And pass on to friends. It’s free.

Thanks to Exponential Network for putting this great resource together.

Current Reading List

1. Chasing Francis, by Ian Cron

2. Axiom, by Bill Hybels 

3. The Element, by Sir Ken Robinson

4. The War of Art, by Stephen Pressfield 

5. Peaks and Valleys, by Spencer Johnson (advanced reader copy)

6. The Monkey and the Fish, by Dave Gibbons

7. Hot, Flat, and Crowded, by Tom Friedman

8. Crazy Love, by Francis Chan

Lanny Donoho unplugged

Check out Lanny Donoho with his maiden voyage video update for the Catalyst blog. Lanny will be providing a regular video or written post for the blog. Should be fun!

Catalyst One Day and Off the Blogs

Really excited about next Thursday February 26th here in Atlanta. One week from Today. Two great things happening- Catalyst One Day and Off the Blogs. Catalyst One Day is a day of practical leadership teaching, dialogue and Q and A with Andy Stanley and Craig Groeschel. Held at North Point. Still seats left if you can make it. 

Then, on Thursday evening, the first ever Off the Blogs evening with Carlos Whittaker, Anne Jackson, and Jon Acuff. Leading the discussion will be Pete Wilson. And worship led by Aaron Keyes. Tickets are $10 or free if you are attending Catalyst One Day. Location is the Buckhead Christian Church in the heart of Atlanta. Begins at 7 pm. 

Carlos was here in our office yesterday with the team discussing Off the Blogs and also our upcoming West Coast event in April in LA. Really appreciate Carlos’ heart and vision for ministry and for leaders. He is someone who has his pulse on where things are heading. We talked for a while about the future of churches working together in collaboration with each other. Buckhead Church recently hosted a creative meeting via mogulus that included around 60 other leaders from churches around the country. They were all in a “virtual” creative meeting planning and talking around their Easter services. Learning from each other, sharing ideas, concepting, benchmarking. 

What a novel idea, huh? The idea of churches collaborating and working together. Seems really simple, but when you hear about it, it is a surprise. But the tide is definitely turning, and Carlos is helping lead the charge in this area along with many other areas where he is creating conversations. If you get a chance, take some time and come to Atlanta and hang with the team at Buckhead Church. They are the real deal.