How Messy is Your Desk?

So I admit, I usually have a messy desk. This is a snapshot of my desk this afternoon.

I am a piler, and also like to use my inbox as my to do list, but also keep an email draft up to date that is truly my to do list. The top of the desk is usually where I keep things for two – three days while considering or looking through the project, opportunity, task, book, or item. Is that necessarily a bad thing? 

How about you? Do you clean the ole desk off at the end of every day, or keep stacks and the organic feel for multiple days? 


Is that you?…. or your hologram

Saw this on Guy Kawasaki’s blog. Very interesting. The future of conferences potentially. And for sure the future of conference calls. No more travel for business meetings at some point in the future….

Watch the video now. 


Drivers…. Start Your Engines!

That’s right, yours truly was at the Indianapolis 500 Race on Sunday this past weekend. Haven’t posted anything in the last three days but I’m back!

The race was incredible. But the festivities leading up to the race were even more fun. Thanks to Steve Fee for the invite and to Scott Brickell for hooking me up on the ticket. But this wasn’t just an ordinary ticket to the Indy 500- we had pit passes, garage passes, and a pagoda suite club pass, which is the ultimate when watching a race at Indy. 

Steve was there to lead worship at the three chapel services held before the race for staff, crews, drivers, volunteers and VIP’s. Scott is Steve’s manager and has provided a worship leader 5 out of the past 6 years for the chapel service. Scott is the founder and CEO of Brickhouse Entertainment, managing bands like Audio Adrenaline, Mercy Me, and now the Fee Band. We had a great time together watching the race as well as visiting with a few celebrities here and there. We also were able to hang out in the driver’s area pre-race which was pretty cool getting to see the drivers up close with their friends and families. 

Overall, a very cool experience. I guess I am an official Indy racing fan now. Spoiled Indy racing fan for sure! Check out this video below- it will give you a sense of how loud the cars are. 

A few shots below of some moments with celebrities!

Notes from WIBO

A few links to find the best notes from the speaker sessions at The Whiteboard Sessions:

– Perry Noble has notes on his site

Tony Morgan – a few of the sessions are missing because he had to leave early 

Tim Stevens– highlights the big idea of each speaker

Conference Channel– each speaker summarizes their one big idea- make sure to look at the youtube section on the conference channel for all of the videos- some are missing right now from the conference channel list


Wow what a day

The Whiteboard Sessions has come and gone. It was a really fun day including tons of conversations with friends, some new connections, interviews live on Conference Channel, and a total letdown movie to end the day (more on that later). So here are some highlights:

– had dinner last night with Boyd Bettis, Matt Morgan, Scott Magdelain, LV Hanson (from our team), Terrace Crawford, Ben Arment, Jay Hardwick and his wife Lara Beth (who is a total trooper), and Sam. We had some good laughs. It was like a bloggers convention- not sure how I got the invite. 

– got to finally meet Tim Stevens from Granger Church. He was here with several of his team, including Kem Meyer, who is just plain cool. All of their team is cool. I bet Granger is a great place to work.

– Saw Perry Noble, Tony Morgan, and Ron Sylvia in the Atlanta airport on the way up to DC yesterday afternoon. Then got to hang with Perry some today. He is one of the funniest guys I know. We spent the better part of 10 minutes reminiscing about the good old days of professional wrestling. He informed me that Rock n Roll Express and the Midnight Express are wrestling each other in Liberty, SC sometime in the next several days. That is unbelievable! Those guys have to be at least 60 years old at minimum. I believe the match will be at the local high school gym. We are looking into front row seats! And by the way, Perry brought the wood during his session. Major props to him for challenging the audience here at Whiteboard. For a snippet of his talk, go to You Tube

– Interviewed a bunch of friends for Conference channel including Ron Sylvia, Darrin Patrick, Carlos Whittaker, Tony Morgan and a few other attendees. Carlos and I look like long lost brothers with our shaved heads. And he previews something pretty cool in the video interview that will be happening with his blog community coming up in the next month. 

– Actually called in live to the Catalyst Podcast 50th episode recording and had Mark Batterson and Ed Stetzer join us for a few comments. I actually interrupted them while they were doing a live webcast interview (which has since been deleted from the conference channel page…). Steve Fee and Chrystina Fincher were live in the Catalyst studio with Ken Coleman, while I was on location here in DC at Whiteboard. Just call me Geraldo. 

– Great to see all the other speakers who were here to present- John Burke, Mark Dever (who I didn’t get to meet but was hoping to), and Vince Antonucci, who is hilarious. 

– Other folks who I got to catch up with- Joshua Symonette, Scott Hodge, Jeff Shinabarger, Brad Abare, Chris Elrod, Will Mancini, and the infamous Todd Rhoades, who was twittering like a mad man all day long from the Leadership Network VIP Room. 

– New friends got to connect with- Stephen Brewster from Integrity (had lunch with him, Shinabarger, Joshua and Ben Arment); had dinner with the guys from Igniter Media Group and Collide Magazine. It was great to meet their team- Rob Thomas (who is the President of Igniter), Kent McKeigg, Barton Damer, and Scott McClellan. These guys are doing some great work and are just cool cats in general. 

– Went to see the latest Indiana Jones movie with LV and the Igniter Media Group guys. Pitiful movie. Horrible. Are you kidding me? Now my great memories of Indiana Jones growing up have been tarnished. Boo!

– Wissssshhhhhheeeeewwww! That was something. 

Get a T.O. BABY!

A picture is worth a thousand words……

Whiteboard on Thursday

Will be at Whiteboard on Thursday just outside of DC. Excited about being there, seeing a ton of friends, meeting some new ones, and also watching Ben Arment in action running the show. Ben is joining our team officially on June 1, and can’t wait to have him on board working on all kinds of great stuff, plus continuing with Whiteboard next year. 

Ken Coleman and I will be recording part of the next Catalyst podcast live while I am on location at Whiteboard. Rumor is that Steve Fee is going to be sitting co-pilot next to Ken hosting the episode while I am absent. That should be a blast!

If you are attending Whiteboard, let me know as I would love to connect in person. And if you can’t attend, you can catch live updates from the event on Conference Channel. You might even see yours truly doing some live updates with interviews of speakers and attendees. You can watch live or catch the archived interviews.