Christian Old School

OK, who can remember the first concert they ever attendeed? Or better yet, the first Christian music concert you ever attended? I can remember the first Christian concert I went to – in Tulsa, OK at the Mabee Center, which is the basketball arena on the campus of Oral Roberts UniversityCarman and Farrell and Farrell in concert together. It was sweet! The song Let the Whole World Know by Farrell and Farrell was a favorite during my fifth grade year.

First general concert was Alabama– at the Tulsa Civic Center, with my family. I was around 8 years old. I remember them playing the song “Old Flame” and everyone in the entire arena got out their lighters and were waving them back and forth. It was one of the coolest things I had ever seen. Growing up in a small town in Oklahoma – it’s easy to be entertained!

Plus, can anyone remember the cheezy cover bands that used to do tours in schools/communities across the country, and would play cover songs from the popular bands of the time. Many of them were sort of undercover Christian evangelists, and would do some sort of a low level alter call at the end of their service. Some of these guys were actually pretty good musicians. I remember a wanna be Van Halen group coming through Bristow, OK and we all thought these guys were incredibly cool. I got to go backstage in their dressing room and meet them because my dad was the principal of the school and the concert was at the school gym. They had bandanas everywhere, terrible mullets, and spandex tights galore. I actually signed up to be part of their fan club, on the spot! My first real look at the behind the scenes world of entertainment!


Fee Band, Orange Opener

Just hung out with The Fee Band backstage at Orange. Steve, Matt, Heath, and Brandon are great guys and have huge hearts and a major passion for leading people in worship. In my opinion, Steve is one of the top worship leaders out there, and their album Fee is one of my favorite worship albums in the last couple of years. Also, the opener for Orange was sweet. They put together a string of great quotes from prominent pastors and church leaders over the past several years, and then strung together the entire list of churches who are represented at Orange through some cool animation. Major props to Jonathan Bostic for the motion graphics and to Eddie Kirkland for the musical score. Very powerful. Reggie Joiner opened with a great talk on the power of the church. Pictures and notes to follow tomorrow. 

Orange Time

Will be over at the Orange Conference the next couple of days. Orange is put on by the team at reThink Group, good friends of mine and also of Catalyst. I will plan to post some pictures and thoughts from the conference, plus some highlights of speakers and sessions. I went over to Gwinnett Arena to see their stage set up, and it looks really cool, with an innovative ribbon board in the middle of their backdrop made out of myStrips- a visual effect that I don’t recall seeing before. I also just saw Reggie Joiner, founder and family ministry extraordinaire, with some kickin new orange nikes on, plus an orange track jacket. I see Reggie quite a bit throughout the year, and I don’t think I have ever seen him without something orange on. He really carries out the orange principles! Also ran into Lanny Donoho, who is Reggie’s sidekick and also co-host of Catalyst. Lanny was trying on an outfit- can’t reveal what character, but you will know soon if you are attending Orange. Let me know if you will be here- would be fun to connect. We will have our Catalyst Road Trip Van out in the front lobby. 

End Times Politics

Glenn Beck, CNN star of his own talk show, had on Joel Rosenberg, the wildly successful author of several political end time books, including the most recent hit Dead Heat which is #11 on Amazon’s current bestseller list, along with several other end time and political thriller books, including Epicenter. Joel is an evangelical Christian, and sounds like a pretty legitimate guy. Interesting that Glenn Beck would have him on- not necessary that Glenn would invite him on, because I think he is a Believer, but that CNN would allow this conversation to happen. A topic that can backfire quickly on a TV Network. By the way, Joel used to be an end times strategist for Israel, and is currently consulting with the White House, Congress, the Pentagon, and many others on the End Times and prophetic interpretations from the Bible. I guess the Bush administration is okay with Joel giving insight into End times prophecy, but I wonder if the next administration will see the need to hear from Joel? 

Current Reading List

So here is a breakdown of the books and magazines that are currently on the ole nightstand:

1. Fast Company– the best magazine out there for innovative business ideas. Period.

2. Starfish and the Spider– a great read focused on the difference between a hierarchial organization and one that is decentralized. 

3. They Like Jesus But Not the Church– from my friend Dan Kimball. Provoking, inspiring, and great for discussion among peers. 

4. The Wisdom of Crowds– Similar in many ways to The Tipping Point, but some insightful thoughts on how crowds can lead, learn, and provide hints on the way things work.

5.  The Four Obsessions of an Extraordinary Executive– a classic from Patrick Lencioni. 

6.  Know How– by Ram Charan. Ram is a genius when it comes to execution and creating solutions for getting things done. 

7.  Simply Christian– by NT Wright. Been reading this one for quite a while. It is an instant classic. 

What are you reading? 

Lousy T-Shirt Man

Got to meet Vince Antonucci earlier this week, and it was a pleasure. If you haven’t picked up Vince’s book, I Became A Christian and All I Got Was this Lousy T-Shirt, you need to immediately. It is a refreshingly good read. 

New blog I like

Check it out. Stuff Christians Like. I need to meet Jon.