Legendary Coaches

Saw an interesting profile on Bob Knight and Bill ParcellsĀ on ESPN. Talking about their respective sports, teamwork and leadership. The number one component that seemed to be talked about was trust, and their players trusting them and knowing that they had their best interests in mind. Tony LaRussa was also part of the special segment and he mentioned that players want coaches who respect them and value a friendship/relationship built on trust. So would you rather have a coach you trust, or a coach who is great at X’s and O’s but nobody likes and respects?

Trust wins hands down every time.


Final Four

i’ve got three out of four in the NCAA final four next weekend in San Antonio. I went with Georgetown instead of Kansas, thinking Kansas wouldn’t be able to get it done. But Georgetown bowed out early.

North Carolina and UCLA in the finals, with NC bringing home the title.

And there is no coincidence that Memphis, UCLA and NC are all making it happen- great point guards, which equal great teamwork and execution.

Creation Care

Spent some time this afternoon with Rusty Pritchard, who is doing great work with Evangelical Environmental Network, and is a good friend of Catalyst. Rusty spends part of his time guest lecturing at Emory here in Atlanta, and also speaks all over the country at colleges and universities on the topic of stewardship and creation care. He also is in charge of the Creation Care magazine, put out by EEN, and also spends lots of time hanging out with really important leaders talking about the future of global warming, social responsibility, creation stewarship, and how churches and Christ followers can lead in this discussion. He made an interesting point today- basically stating that their work is not focused on making people into environmentalists, but instead just purely focusing on the Biblical ideals of creation care and leading people back to Scripture, with only part of the conversation being around the environment. I love that idea.

Dangerous Faith

Got to catch up with my great friend Peb Jackson this afternoon. Peb was in town to meet with Todd Peterson, the former placekicker for the Atlanta Falcons. Todd and Peb are involved in a number of mutual initiatives together, most notably a very cool project Todd is working on with some other friends from the network of influencers around the country. They are truly having an impact on leaders and significant philanthropists and givers around the country.

It was exciting to talk with Peb about his soon to release book Dangerous Faith with Waterbrook Press. Peb is one of those guys who has had some incredible life experiences and journeys, and basically knows everyone. So the book highlights stories from different friends of Peb. I looked through the manuscript this evening and wanted to drop everything and keep reading. We will have more from Peb in the coming weeks.

Top Ten Favorite Blogs

I am a blog reader. It’s a great way to keep up to date, in the know, and also continue to be a constant learner. These days, blogs are not just about keeping informed, but more geared towards relevant and practical content. So here is my top ten blogs (in no particular order):

1. Seth Godin

2. Swerve

3. Tony Morgan Live

4. Evotional

5. Sanders Says

6. How to Change the World (Guy Kawasaki)

7. Monday Morning Insight

8. Ragamuffin Soul

9. Catalyst Leader Feeder (had to get that one in there)

10. From Where I Sit (Mike Hyatt)

Dan Kimball

had the privelege on Saturday afternoon to spend some time with Dan Kimball. Dan is a thought leader, pastor, author, speaker and influential blogger. He lives in Santa Cruz, CA and pastors Vintage Faith Church. His most recent book is titled They Like Jesus But not the Church. Our team is going through this book together and it is definitely creating some great discussion and conversation among our team. I highly recommend this book. Dan and I spent a couple of hours together at a local Starbucks (mocha, no whip) and had an enlightening conversation. We talked at length about the Emergent movement, publishing, his church, leadership, and the conference world. I really appreciate his heart and passion for evangelism and his message to the church through his writings. Dan is incredibly intelligent, has a strong desire to learn (which I really admire- he asks great questions), and can tell he just flat out loves Jesus and wants others to know Him. Dan is a leader that will for sure be impacting the Church and leaders in the church for a long time.

Kevin Myers brings it this morning

So Kevin Myers, the teaching pastor at 12Stone Church here in suburban Atlanta, brought the wood this morning. He had a great message on the conflict between faith “intention” and faith “in action.” It was a great talk. Also focused around Psalm 23 and the idea that Jesus is our shepherd and wants us to find safety and security inside the boundaries of the herd and the protection of the great Shepherd.