the mile high city

so I am spending some time in Denver over the next couple of days, with several meetings related to Catalyst and then off to Vail for some skiing with friends. Denver is a great city- a great sports town plus within two hours of basically the best skiing in North America.

Being here in one of my favorite cities made me wonder what would be my top ten cities to live in around the world, if all things were equal and it was easy to travel back and forth. So here you go:

1. Auckland, New Zealand

2. Atlanta

3. Denver

4. New York

5. Edinbourgh Scotland

6. Hong Kong

7. London

8. Paris

9. Costa Del Sol, Spain

10. Palo Alto, CA

noticeably absent from this list are any cities in Italy- tough choice to leave them off, I know.


TV Intensity

So what are the top three TV stations that constantly show up on your tube? Mine are easy- ESPN is by far #1, followed by Discovery Channel at #2, and a tie at #3 between CNN and Fox News.

Coming in a close #4 is the Golf Channel.

The Oscars

A couple of observations so far on the Oscars:

  • Jon Stewart is a pretty funny dude
  • I need to watch Ratatouille
  • I Don’t need to watch Norbit
  • Jack Nicholson is really getting old, but still gets a front row seat
  • So far lots of Foreigners receiving awards, and pretty much all of them speak broken English at best
  • Miley Cyrus is very mature for her age, and did a great job in her interview with Barbara Walters, especially when speaking of her faith
  • Tommy Lee Jones needs to have a cowboy hat on and have Robert Duvall next to him talkin about Lori Darlin
  • Why am I not a member of the Academy? I would happily send in my 5 finalists for each category, and have no problem going to watch all of the movies for free
  • Jon Stewart is still funny
  • Kristen Chenowith is from Broken Arrow, OK, a suburb of Tulsa, just like my hometown only 30 minutes away- Bristow, OK
  • Is there anyone that I might possibly be able to get a ticket from for next year’s Oscars? How about the Grammy’s? Maybe I should start with the Dove Awards….
  • Noticeably absent are several of my favorite actors- Denzel, Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts….. or maybe they are there but just are sitting farther back in the audience. I have to admit I didn’t watch much of the Red Carpet show.
  • Bourne Ultimatum was a great movie, and probably the best so far in the series
  • I wonder what it costs to rent The Kodak Theatre for the day?
  • It must be nerve racking to have to read a teleprompter from 100 feet away in front of almost a billion people watching on television.
  • I love it when they cut someone off during an acceptance speech with the orchestra- keeps those big Hollywood egos in check.

Seth Godin and Tim Sanders Interview

So I just listened to an interview including Seth Godin and Tim Sanders. It is outstanding. Two great minds on a number of topics. Seth brought up a great point about blogging. At the end of the day, most people who are currently blogging are just plain boring or extremely selfish at their core. Nothing to say that someone else isn’t already saying, and they are only in it for the gain they can personally receive. Tim backed that up with the Love Cat principle. Really good stuff. Make sure and listen in. The link included above is from Tim’s blog site.

And don’t just listen, enjoy and then move on. Actually go and buy Seth’s new book Meatball Sundae or Tim’s book Likeability Factor. You’ll be glad you did. Everything these guys write is incredibly practical and applicable.

Have you read The Shack?

Alright, I have to admit- I am usually a major critic of Christian fiction books. They just usually don’t deliver on expectations. But I recently came across a gem- The Shack by William Paul Young. You have to check it out. It will change your perspective and stretch your spiritual paradigm, especially as it relates to the Trinity and God’s desire for relationship with us humans. As you read it, just keep in mind that it is written as Fiction. I can’t speak for the author, but I don’t believe he is trying to make some sort of theological statement. It’s a gripping tale of a man’s desire to find true community with God. 

Vantage Point

Saw the brand new film Vantage Point last night with a number of friends. Very mixed response among our group to the movie. Some liked it, others really disliked it. In particular, a good friend Tripp Crosby (who is a film maker and extremely creative) had something to say which made me really think about our numb culture- Tripp commented that we have become so numb to a “different” kind of movie or entertainment style that when we are confronted with that different style or model, it seems so out of context that we can’t handle it. In simpler words, we are a stupid culture, especially in regards to entertainment. I tend to agree with him. You will have to see the movie to understand the context, but basically you get the perspective of a 30 minute block of time from 8 different people. And each time the story is laid out you see a bit more until the last time you see the full context of the movie. I thought it was pretty clever, but I am sure lots of folks will think it was just too different and outside of the typical “stupid” movie we are used to seeing.

Now there were a few dumb parts during the end, especially related to the ending and the lame script, and a couple of scenes and tangent story lines didn’t match up, but other than that it was a fresh approach to telling a story. Lomenick gives it 3 out of 5 stars.

Celebrities for President

So if we could choose a President, and the only stipulation was it had to be a celebrity, who would it be? I would probably have to go with Tom Hanks, Arnold, Denzel or Garth Brooks.

 Who are you putting in the oval office?